As time goes by and the country takes more and more steps towards industrialization, more and more environmental problems occur and the results of its effects on human life make it necessary to pay attention to eliminate or reduce the effectiveness of this problem.

Terms such as SO2, H2S, acid rain, and are familiar terms in the oil and gas refining industry, and the refinery sulfur unit is an environmental unit in the industry that is responsible for converting the H2S gas absorbed by the amine unit to sulfur. Therefore, the issue of refractory material and implementation in sulfur unit equipment is very important.

This issue prompted Atash Pooya Sepahan Company to start a fully specialized activity in this field with a few degrees of concentration called “refinery in sulfur unit” and to achieve all the methods of improving refinery performance, which is to increase the life of process equipment of these units. It has less downtime throughout the year, and is now ready to provide services to oil and gas refineries as a refinery specialist in the refinery sulfur unit.

Atash Pooya Sepahan Company has been responsible for providing all the material needs and execution of the sulfur unit of this great refinery since 2011 and in this regard it has been able to take a big step in optimizing the refinery of all the sulfur units of this refinery unit. During these years, with a very positive interaction with the Deputy of Operations and Repair Unit of Ilam Gas Refinery, to present new projects in reaction furnaces, condensers, auxiliary furnaces, reactors and waste incinerators in the field of supply or implementation.

You may have come across the Latin word Curing, which is unfortunately mistakenly used in various industries instead of the word “preheating”, and sometimes refers to the word “curing”, which is a very important step in the processing process. It is a crime to be completely forgotten, in this article we will not use these words incorrectly or correctly and we want to first explain the purpose of preheating based on thermal regime (temperature rise graph) and then come to the conclusion why use Prefabricated puzzle refractory pieces can have many benefits.

Some examples done in sulfur units

– Very diverse puzzle pieces used in the sulfur unit of Khangiran gas refinery in Mashhad.

– Puzzle pieces of tube sheet surface in different refineries of South Pars.

-Puzzle pieces used in Ilam Gas Refinery waste incinerator (design for at least 2 other equipments)

-My puzzle pieces are reaction furnaces, garbage burners and tube levels of Lavan oil refinery.