Quality Control

Due to the increasing importance of improving quality control and increasing

use of refractory products in various industries, Sepahan Pooya Fire Refractory Company observes international standards in the quality control department of

the factory to closely monitor all production stages, including raw materials,raw

products and final products. It has put in the forefront of its work to finally

produce products with desirable and ideal quality and in accordance with

international standards. Some of the tests that are performed on refractory

products in Sepahan Pooya Fire Refractory Company are as follows.

Standard titleNumber Standard Name Of Test                                                  
Standard method for measuring apparent porosity, water absorption, bulk density and bulk density of baked bricks and refractory forms using boiling waterC20-00Bulk density(BD),Prosity (AP)
Standard method of measuring dimensions, bulk density of refractory and insulated refractory bricksC134Standard test method for size,dimensional measurement and bulk density of refractory brick and isulating firebrick
The standard method of measuring compressive strengthASTM C 133Standard test methods for Cold Crushing Strenght  (CCS)
Chemical test methods for measuring the main elements ISIRI1692Standard test methods for Chemical Analysis