Atash Pooya Sepahan Company, a manufacturer of industrial refractory products in Mobarakeh Industrial Zone, operates in the form of the private sector with an official license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade

The management of Atash Pooya Sepahan Company has established ISO 9001 quality management systems in order to achieve a quality product and continuous improvement in production processes and with the aim of satisfying customers as the most valuable asset of the company by using expert forces in this field.
Providing customer satisfaction and cultivating customer-oriented ethics in the organization Paying attention to creative, innovative and efficient workforce in the company and upgrading the technical knowledge of staff by training efforts to improve the quality of suppliers to improve the quality of products, reduce costs and increase profitability By reducing waste and increasing production efficiency, continuous improvement in the set of activities and performance of the laboratory, timely and appropriate follow-up of complaints received from customers